The memory and Java system properties for the PDFreactor Docker container can be specified by passing an environment variable called "JAVA_OPTIONS" to the "docker run" command when starting your PDFreactor container. For example:

$ docker run -d -p 8080:9423 -e JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx2g -Dcom.realobjects.pdfreactor.webservice.threadPoolSize=4" realobjects/pdfreactor 

The example above shows how to specify a maximum memory heap size of 2g as well as well a "threadPoolSize" of 4 when running the PDFreactor container. For an overview of all server parameters that can be configured as Java system properties, please see

Note that if you are using Docker Compose, you can of course also specify the "JAVA_OPTIONS" environment variable using the "environment" key in your "docker-compose.yml":

version: '2'

    container_name: pdfreactor
     - "86:9423"
    image: "realobjects/pdfreactor"
      JAVA_OPTIONS: "-Xmx2g -Dcom.realobjects.pdfreactor.webservice.threadPoolSize=4"