You can execute an unattended install of PDFreactor via the command line like this: 

PDFreactor_installer.exe -q

In this case PDFreactor will be installed with the default installation settings.

However if you want to install only parts of the PDFreactor package, or if you want to specify a specific installation directory, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Execute the PDFreactor installer and follow the installation guide.

  2. Set your desired installation directory and configuration options.

  3. Once the installation has finished you will find a "response.varfile" in the "PDFreactor/.install4j" directory. 

    Make sure to store this file somewhere on your system(outside of the PDFreactor folder), as it is required for all further installations and contains your personal installation data (e.g. installation directory, configuration options, etc.)

  4. Use the VARFILE for all further unattended command line installations like this:

PDFreactor_installer.exe –q –varfile "path/to/response.varfile"

Referring to the VARFILE ensures that your unattended installation is identical to the original installation via the GUI.