To allow the HTTP/HTTPS requests made by the PDFreactor Web Service to go through a proxy, the Java VM has to be configured with proxy settings.

This can be done by uncommenting the following Java system properties in "PDFreactor/jetty/start.d/proxy.ini" and configuring them with your proxy information:

# For HTTP requests:

# For HTTPS requests:

If your Proxy server requires authentication you can set your credentials with these properties:

# For HTTP requests:

# For HTTPS requests:

In Java 8+ basic authentication is disabled by default. If your proxy server uses basic authentication you have to re-enable it.

This can e.g. be done by overriding the "disabledSchemes" system property with an empty value.

Please note that you should only use an empty value if you are sure that you have no other authentication schemes you want to disable.

Uncomment the following lines in the "proxy.ini" to re-enable all disabled schemes: