As written in the PDFreactor Software License Agreement a PDFreactor license can only be used on 1 (one) physical or virtual machine or isolated software container. So for each production machine you require one license.

CPU License

For non-personal use, you require a CPU license. Depending on the number of CPU cores, each license consists of a number of license packs. One license pack is valid for up to 4 CPU cores.

For example, a server with 6 CPU cores requires a single PDFreactor license with two license packs. Two servers with 2 CPU cores each require two PDFreactor licenses with one license pack each.

Free Personal

If you are going to use PDFreactor on a non-commercial basis, you can request a Free Personal license here.

Other License Types

In addition to the CPU and Non-Commercial licenses, we also offer Corporate and OEM licenses. For information about Corporate and OEM licenses, please contact us at